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Beauty Czech Republic is one of the ten most visited countries in the world

Author: Nerses Nerses 08-19-2020


The beautiful Czech Republic is one of the ten most visited countries in the world. Part of this popularity is due to the world health resort - Karlovy Vary, partly - the majestic medieval castles, partly - unsurpassed Czech beer.

On mystical routes

Mysterious Prague hides many secrets and mysteries. Almost every street has its own nerve-racking history. On the Old Town Square, you can always find a guide dressed as a skeleton who will tell the most creepy stories. Alchemists once lived on Zlata Street, they say that in some of these toy-looking houses they are still trying to create gold from lead. The visiting card of the Czech capital is the incredibly beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral. It's so adorable and huge that it just defies description. The outskirts of the Kampa Island - they are also called the Prague Venice - is one of the most romantic and not trampled by tourists places. Karlovy Vary. What diseases are not cured here. The cream of society from all over the world comes here for sessions of wellness and rejuvenating procedures. At the same time, more budget travelers will also find their doctors here and the same water. There is one church in the Czech Republic - Ossuary - in which the spirit of death not only soars, it literally looks at you there. From the empty eye sockets of the skulls. All interior decoration is made from the remains of 30,000 people! Provincial towns and villages where it is so nice to wander around and feel like a millionaire - the food here is very cheap and hearty, the portions are huge. The interiors of the taverns are entirely of medieval stone and wood. Beauty. And also puppets are a real national treasure of the Czech Republic. These dolls are literally everywhere - shops, theaters, performances, home performances - Czechs are great connoisseurs of puppet art. This is a wonderful souvenir - very beautiful and sincere.