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Google may lose Chrome

Author: Aren Proger 10-12-2020


Google may be forced to sell the Chrome browser along with part of the advertising business. Information about this appeared on the Politico website with links to sources.

Thus, the Ministry of Justice is trying to undermine Google's monopoly in the online advertising segment. According to GlobalStats, Google Chrome has a 66.3% share of the global web browser market:

But it's not just the popularity of the browser: the company promotes its products, giving them the first places in the results of its own search engine, thereby sweeping out direct competitors.

Giants such as Facebook, Apple and Amazon also fell under the antitrust law. The US Congress is calling for appropriate amendments to the law, which will affect the current state of affairs. The tightening will be aimed at restructuring within companies, which will separate YouTube and Chrome from Google, and WhatsApp and Instagram from Facebook.

Nevertheless, many experts are confident that Google will be able to get out by proposing to limit the capabilities of its own advertising platform.

Official hearings will take place in the coming weeks.